Tuesday, June 29, 2010


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Most people in the office would call me the C2 girl! I just love C2. It's like my mantra! Hehehe. You can spot me with it in my hand whenever it's available in the cafeteria. I also include it in the grocery list every time. My favorite flavor is APPLE. One time, they even threw me a C2 birthday blast during my 24th birthday. Everyone gave his/ her fair share of C2 as a birthday gift. You can tell by the picture below how funny I look like.

I happen to grab this comment from the net and I like how this person's insight matches mine:

Green Tea’s centuries old reputation of containing natural anti-oxidants giving our body health benefits such as lowering of cholesterol, reduction of heart ailments, improvement of metabolic activities, flushing out our body’s impurities, and many more…However, not all people can appreciate the taste green tea, or is even fond of drinking it. I am glad Universal Robina Corporation came up with a way to make people drink green tea by making it in a non-carbonated drink called C2 cool & clean green tea drink that comes in different flavours that will suit every person’s taste. They have a variety of flavours like Black Tea Lemon, Peach, Apple, Green Tea, Lemon, Plain and even Lite. The anti-oxidant it has is called “catechins” that is said to help prevent diseases and even cancer. So, it is even healthier than soda. And since it comes in ready-to-drink bottles of different size, it is easy for you to carry around. It is the coolest and a very healthy way to refresh your body!

My brother was generous enough to take photos of these while we were in the gasoline station..=)



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