Saturday, June 19, 2010

love fountain in ROME?!

Posted by LIMBERELLA at 6/19/2010 02:44:00 PM
Is there really a love fountain?.

Last night, I happen to watch WHEN IN ROME. Coins and a fountain that makes a magic mess. In the movie, there's this love fountain where you have to make a wish (more of love matters), throw in a coin and your heart's desires will be granted. By the way, the fountain is called the TREVI FOUNTAIN in ROME..But when I made a little research, it says the other thing, that throwing a coin meant that you will find yourself returning to the place..

These are some of the wonderful images of the said fountain and a little research:

Trevi Fountain is the place that you can prove that you ve been in Italy and Rome ...If you dont have a picture of Trevi Fountain in Rome and if you didnt throw any money from your shoulder that means that you never been in Roma ....The Trevi fountain, is the largest and most spectacular Baroque fountain in Rome (standing 25.9 meters high and 19.8 meters wide.. was designed by Nicola Salvi in 1732 and competed in 1762. isnpired by a schetch of Bernini

Main figure of the fountain is Neptun (God of the sea), flanked by two Tritons.(sons of the god of the sea)It was also the main attraction for the famous hollywood stle movie of "Three coins in a fountain" and "Roman holiday",Frederico Fellini put the last point with "Dolce Vita" Tradition is that a coin thrown into the water guarantees a visitor's return to Rome.


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