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Wedding bells is in the air. What seems to be the famous "Christmas Rush" has another non-synonymous version, "wedding rush". Wedding rush it is. Everyone seems to get hitched every year, specifically the non-random people called friends. I am indeed getting older (who isn't?!), from the birthday party blast and the d├ębutante and cotillion, now comes the "I DO's" matrimony invitation. Everyone seems to get married except "yours truly". And now I'm part of the semi-pressure, a no exempt for the questions " when will you tie the knot?"

To be honest, I have no plans as of the moment. The getting-married plan would come 3-4 years from now. I just want everything to be ready, financially and emotionally. I want to march that aisle with a peace of mind that I still have a life and a bank account after I say I do.

And If I have to get married, I want it to be memorable. I mean I only get married once, not unless ...(knocks on the wood) I want that wedding to be worth it. From the couture, the reception, guests, motif and photographs.

As for my motif, I want a royal blue or green, vintage would also do. And of course, I want to look like a princess, even it's just self-proclaimed, hehe. I also have this wild imagination that I would march(?) the aisle riding in a horse(now that's so fairy tale). I wonder if any church would allow this. *laughs*

Now these are my choices of wedding gowns. I have every picture numbered according to my most pick and the least. 


# 4

# 6

# 3 (vintage and princess like)

# 1 ( now this would make me a princess. i also like the color)

# 5

#2 ( i like the beads and the design would emphasize one's figure)

# 6


I would like to have a smoky eyes or dark eyeshadow.
Not too heavy make-up. 
Smoky eyes give whiter complexion ( base on my make-up)


kim on September 13, 2010 at 9:56 PM said...

what can i say, but... you've got AN AMAZING TASTE!

Traveliztera on September 29, 2010 at 5:02 PM said...

Aww your choices LOOK awesome!
#1 gown LOOKS very princessy and i totally like it! :D 3-4 years from now, I wanna see your wedding photos! ;)

The second make-up also look great! Reminds me of fairies and magic... I bet your wedding will be magical and will have a "fantasy" touch. TC!!! :D


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