Tuesday, June 15, 2010

in times like this...

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Who would forget the January 2009 flood?

We were among the unexpected flood victims. Living in an urban city and in a place which never experience any torrent, we never expected calamities like this to happen. It was a rainy Monday mid morning. I just got up. My parents were taking their late breakfast while my siblings were playing on the computer. We heard the usual clamors of our neighbors outside, didn't expect it was already it. Then my brother took a peek outside, expressing an awe about the high level of water. The next thing I knew, the water started to get inside our humble abode. Thank God, no one panicked. We carried whatever we can and brought it upstairs (we have a 2-story house), from my brothers' books down to the CPU's, computers and even our heavy rice dispenser. I never expected I can be that speedy. While carrying some stuff, the water reached to our knee level and going up to our legs. Tables, chairs, and other things were already floating in the area. Whew!..

Then I went upstairs with my sister and younger brother. We prayed for the rain to stop.Sappy as it was, we even cried together. We were all so scared of the fact that anytime from that moment, the water might consume our house. It was already 6 pm when the water started to subside. We already slept at around 3 am and we were still scared to sleep for fear that it might come back anytime. Even raindrops over our neighbors roof already gave me and my sister a paranoid feeling.






desperate times call for desperate measures =)

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This was one of the funny incidents I have in my life. I was on my way to the office when my officemates called me over a taxi to join them. Unfortunately the cab driver told us that he can no longer take us to the office due to the high current of flood water on the area. He can't risk his engine. So we paid the bill and joined the stagnant crowd at Makro and waited for vehicles. But thankfully, an officemate with a motorcycle gave us a lift. And to our dismay, still we can't make it to the office. So we have to stop over and cross the street to get another ride. But as you can see, the water is a little high which will probably drench our pants. So this police officer / soldier was kind enough to carry all of us. All of them had the piggy back while I was the only one who was carried like a princess. hahaha!

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