Friday, June 18, 2010

it's a "fats" thing..

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I had the biggest weight downfall back 4th year college, without me being so unaware of it (effortless, heheh), I always feel fat you know. Running down from my 117 pounds down to 102. Take note 102, let me spell that out "hundred two". So more or less, that's such a large amount of unwanted calories. Hehe. Then everyone would like ask me, were you sick? or Have you been on a diet? Someone would even compliment me. While I would just give them the serious "get-outa-here" look. I mean I wasn't convince of the fact that I did lose my weight, like I said I always feel fat. But Then I woke up on morning and said Hey, maybe I am losing weight. My clothes started to become wobbly. My pants became bigger. I even have to borrow my sister's shirts and grab one from my mom's. How come I still feel fat. But I'm seriously not anorexic. Hehe..

Anyway, to show what I'm talking about, better take a look at these pics.

(i know i look ugly. heheh)

But now, what seems to be a literal "taking the load out" becomes an excess baggage. I AM GETTING FAT!. And believe me, I hate it! I'm becoming bigger and my clothes are going smaller. Everyone started to say "Oh, you've grown big"..And it's definitely not a compliment. I get to be disappointed every time I put on my favorite shirts and find myself undeniably fat. Grr...I want to lose weight with one click of my fingers, so help me God. hehhe...

Now spot the difference from the pictures above...


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