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When I was still a kid, I used to believe that falling stars answer my wishes. I always dream of seeing one, thinking it would grant my heart's desire. Never seen any then but that didn't make me a cynic though. But finally, what seems to be a dream came true, I seen one. It was during our kiddie camp when a falling star visited. So I rush myself into making my wishes. Years after, seen one again and again, yet still finding myself wishing. And the moment I started to forget them, they start to come true. Whew.. Should this just be a legend? Or did it came true because it's already written in my destiny? Or is this a mere issue of faith - believing in your own dreams.

I would like to acknowledge what I read from somewhere:

Legend has it that wishing upon a shooting star makes the wish come true. It is believed to have originated in Europe, when Greek astronomer Ptolemy, around AD 127-151, wrote that the Gods occassionally, out of curiosity, even boredom, peer down at the earth from between the spheres, and stars sometimes slip out of this gap, becoming visible as shooting or falling stars. Since the Gods are already looking at us at such a time, they tend to be more receptive to any wishes we make!

The Greeks, however, fathomed shooting stars to be rising or falling human souls, while Jews and Christians believed them to be fallen angels or demons. Aristophanes, a Greek playwrite, had a more fancy imagination. According to him, shooting stars were “souls of poor people, drunkenly walking home after they had dinner at a rich star.”

Even contemporary culture is abound with superstitions related to shooting stars. In Chile, for instance, when you spot a shooting star, you must pick up a stone in the same moment, while making a wish. (Quick thinking, I must say.) If you’re in the Phillipines, you must tie a knot in your handkerchief instead. (Too bad if you don’t carry one around.)



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Just close your eyes and open your heart
And feel your worries and cares depart
Just yield yourself in the Father above
And let Him hold you secure in His Love

For life on earth grows more involved
With endless problems that can't be solved
But God only asks us to do our best
And He will take over the rest

So when you are tired, discourage and blue
There's always one door that is open for you
And that is the door to the house of prayer
And you'll find out, God is waiting there

For the house of prayer is no father away
Than the quiet spot where you kneel and pray
For the heart is a temple where God is there
As we place our love in His loving care

And He hears every problems and answers each one
And when we say in His name Thy Will Be Done
The problems that seem to heavy to bear
Are lifted away on the wings of prayer

love fountain in ROME?!

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Is there really a love fountain?.

Last night, I happen to watch WHEN IN ROME. Coins and a fountain that makes a magic mess. In the movie, there's this love fountain where you have to make a wish (more of love matters), throw in a coin and your heart's desires will be granted. By the way, the fountain is called the TREVI FOUNTAIN in ROME..But when I made a little research, it says the other thing, that throwing a coin meant that you will find yourself returning to the place..

These are some of the wonderful images of the said fountain and a little research:

Trevi Fountain is the place that you can prove that you ve been in Italy and Rome ...If you dont have a picture of Trevi Fountain in Rome and if you didnt throw any money from your shoulder that means that you never been in Roma ....The Trevi fountain, is the largest and most spectacular Baroque fountain in Rome (standing 25.9 meters high and 19.8 meters wide.. was designed by Nicola Salvi in 1732 and competed in 1762. isnpired by a schetch of Bernini

Main figure of the fountain is Neptun (God of the sea), flanked by two Tritons.(sons of the god of the sea)It was also the main attraction for the famous hollywood stle movie of "Three coins in a fountain" and "Roman holiday",Frederico Fellini put the last point with "Dolce Vita" Tradition is that a coin thrown into the water guarantees a visitor's return to Rome.


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