Thursday, July 1, 2010


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Girls Talk This is my first entry for the girls talk. I feel so new. Girls in the list seem to have their blog bonding already. But that doesn't stop me from wanting to join. Anyway, love to be here. For today's theme, it's about loving the physical you.

What do I love about me physically, is kind of a hard question for someone who has figure issues like myself. I know, I'm just over reacting and the unwanted calories didn't reach to 200 yet, but the tons of it are already undeniable. I have inferiorities in my body, so to say, but it didn't come to a point where I ended up hating my reflection, that is so far fetch. Hmmm... So what do I really like about my physical self? (this is like finding a single needle in a haystack) Maybe it's my chest. Although the colar bone started to be shy when I became fat, but it's indeed flawless. And in all fairness, you can't spot any blemishes in my face. Now, I'm starting to sound like a big boast.

(This is the latest picture I have)

I also like my legs down to the ankle. Although, it's kind of chubby but you can't see any bruises in the area.

(The pic was taken when I still have my long hair)

But in the end, to be beautiful is not just about the physical attributes, it's about loving one's self. It's about inner beauty. It's about being beautiful in the inside. I believe that real beauty comes from within..=)

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