Thursday, July 8, 2010


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I'm such a bum lately. My money is enough for the bills, contributions and etc. I have to make sure that every penny is not wasted. You see, I just resigned last May 15, so I have to maintain a strict budget. But despite my almost being a beggar, I always find ways for foods. I can always say NO to shopping (even if I've been dying to buy the newest Kamiseta shirt), I can always say NOT NOW to adventures (water rafting and zip zone) but it's always a YES to food!.I became an extravagant bum when it comes to the food I love. I indulge myself to pizzas, eat all you can, cuisines, etc. My mom would always tell me, "and now you're complaining that you're fat?".

Maybe because I have live to the thought that you should not deprive yourself when it comes to food. Food is life. This is the financial me.

These are few of my food collection pictures..


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This 7th day of July, 2010, is my Aunt Grace's (my dad's sister) 50th birthday. We had a blast. Get together with cousins, aunts and few uncles. Had a good laugh, good food and refillable ice teas. Time is really running fast or let me rephrase that, time is tissue.

This is she. Blowing away her younger years and saying hello to more wrinkles. Well, rephrasing what the advertisement just said, "IT's OK TO BE 50, JUST AS LONG AS YOU LOOK 30"

Now these pictures are really funny. We were suppose to act as if we were having a serious talk and my brother would gave us a snap. Look what happened. It appeared to be obviously scripted. But I love it..

In these two pictures, starting from the left corner are : my brother Fangki, yours truly, cousins Rhea and Miko. And cousin Chiko who was trying to cover his face as usual.


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