Thursday, September 30, 2010

GT # 7 - PINKY PINK PINK (with the late comer black and green)

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I felt bad for missing two entries in the girls talk. And much bad to miss to telecast (hehe!) my two colors, BLACK and GREEN. But as the cliche goes, better late than never. =)


(my green polo, green phones and green book)
Green became my color accidentally. It was my friends who notice that most of
my things are green. And then, I was like "how come I didn't notice that". From then
on, I'm fond of buying green color stuff and begun to have fetish for green.


Now if black is a color, it is my favorite. It is my comfort color, like when I don't have the
luxury of time finding something to wear, black is the best option. I mean I feel so
comfortable and confident when I wear black (maybe because it can cover up for my figure. heheh). There was a time when my mum dislike my black fashion, because it's gloomy to look at.


I'm not such a pink person but this is my favorite loose pink polo. My hair covered the huge crocodile logo on my left chest.

(oh my blog template is pink pala, i forgot. hehe)


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