Thursday, March 17, 2011


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I am the sentimental type when it comes to music. I prefer songs that are slow and dreamy, songs that give justice to the definition of what music should be rather than those that people think are hip and cool but shallow and meaningless.

I am not emotional with songs but there are those that made me really pause and reflect. Rhythms that go inside my heart and lyrics that are so meaningful enough for me to memorize the lines.

These are the two songs I would like to share, sung by the great Gary Valenciano:

1. Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos

The title itself is very catchy. Natutulog ba ang Diyos? Oftentimes when we are bombarded with life's hardships, we tend to ask that question. But it takes a little more faith to believe that God isn't sleeping, He is just asking us to do our best and He will take over and finish the rest.

2. The Warrior is A Child

The title represents "fascade". No matter how brave a person is, he always have his weakness. I like this line, "because deep inside this armor, the warrior is a child"


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